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Game Description: This is a platformer, but with a flawless character that doesn't even kill his enemies (it can't). This is a game that doesn't need to talk about glitches (because it has a lot). This is a game that is more realistic than the last most realistic game you played. By the way, if you encounter glitches, they were meant to be there (nah, not really).

Glitch Workaround: As mentioned in the actual description, this game does have some glitches. I haven't been able to fix them entirely, but the workaround for most of the glitches is to press X and respawn at a checkpoint. So whenever you get stuck at a platform, just press X.

Additional Information: This is my first game. I made this game using Game Maker Studio. Please leave a comment about what you liked/didn't like about it. And thanks for trying it out!


The Flawless Cube.exe 2 MB

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